Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Online Business - Key to Success

The Internet has been the biggest technical revolution in this decade. It has succeeded in setting up a new paradigm for business and professionals. The major focus has been conducting business online for smaller players. For mega corps it has been  more of showcase or brand building while many utilize it as networking tool with their employees, partners and clients.

Small business try to get the best from their online presence. But the path is riddled with difficulties and it is not easy to succeed. The most important element is the interface website or portal whatever you may call it. teh designing, content and layout is important and so are the factors that create trust.      

For conducting business on the web it is imperative that you interface creates trust. This can be one using accreditation which constitute registration proof, license, client testimonials and security tools on the website. The presentation of the company should appear as  such and not as one man pot luck show.

The content should spell out fine details of products and services, guarantee or assurances. Secure delivery, goods return and all things related to good business practices.    

The website visibility to targeted audience is as important and a good website design should be follow by online marketing including search engine optimization. Active participation in reputable social networking sites is one good means of brand building and creating online reputation. Another means of promoting business online is through the use of Ads from Google (Adwords), Facebook or Linkedin.

Tit Bits Business News


Online shopping has shown a remarkable upward trend this year on Xmas Day in USA. Lot many purchasers used iphone, ipad droid powered devices. The survey was conducted by IBM on more than five hundred online shopping websites.  

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has opened its domestic routes to foreign airlines. This development is in wake of the SAA and National Airlines not able to cope up with the traffic in the country. The tenders would be invited soon but most foreign operators are circumspect and are awaiting the policy guidelines before entering this lucrative market. 

The Ambanis India

The scions of business in India have once again reconciled in a family gathering at Chorwad a small town in Gujarat. The great businessmen spent his childhood in the house at Chorwad. Kokilaben spent a considerable time with her husband here and retains a strong bonding for it. 

The two ambani brothers Anil and Mukesh met each other warmly and will spend about two days in the house along with their families and mother Kokilaben.    

Source Times of India

Jan Lokpal Bill India

After the approval of the president the anti corruption bill called Jan Lokpal is finally to be tabled in the Indian Parliament.  The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday and awaits clearance by the Upper House Rajya Sabha.

The bill if passed with the right provisions is going to be a big booster for business in India. Riddled with lot of impediments due to the corruption in various department the bill is supposed to provide relief to the business as well. The needles glitches faced during license approvals,  clearance of permits etc for under the table will go away. Thus projects could be approved faster in a profitable manner and bureaucratic interference will be mitigated.   

Nevertheless the approval from those taking a stance against what they refer to a weak Jan Lokpal is not coming. This would mean peaceful agitation by Anna and his team will continue. In absence of desired content the team will exert greater pressure on the ruling government and the opposition to create a more comprehensive bill urgently.   

Free Trial Services Online

Since the advent of Internet for public many utilities and services have gone online. A new paradigm has been created for businesses and service providers. The Internet has arrived with tremendous benefits for the users. The chief attributes are cost, speed and tremendous global reach.

All this was not possible on land based businesses and services since the reach was localized and infrastructure cost was heavy.  WWW in cyber space has created a common platform for professionals and laymen who benefits from social networking and information highway.

The inherent competition somehow surpasses that of land based services since anyone can provide
Resources online. The cost of hosting and web implementation is much less than infrastructure on the ground hence a larger entrants crowd the space.

To fight competition, create a reputation and establish once brand takes time hence free services are found best for introduction. Free offerings also enable to create trust among the vary users and flaunt once feature offerings.

One fine example of land based utility going online is the web based fax. This service has eliminated the use of facsimile machine and accessories and has hence brought the cost down. The speed and security is commendable and so is its reach. All you need is Internet connectivity and no dedicated landline.

The user can send fax using the portal of service provider which transacts using the fax server. The documents can be sent online from email to fax and vice versa. With the advance in technology many new and useful features are emerging usually with increase in cost of the services. Hence all competitors are vying to offer the best.     

Similarly online backup services have come as a boon to those terrified of data loss. The online cloud storage or remote storage portals provide secure and safe data storage on network of computers with fool proof backup.   As in the case of virtual faxing the backup service providers on the Net are constantly upgrading their features. This is due to constant advance inn technology, apps development and programming techniques.

Nevertheless in spite of providing the best getting subscribers or client online is not at all easy. For every new company offering free fax trial has become a getaway to snatch business from establish players. Users find free service as a convenient way of getting to know the best. They are able to assess a service provider and the features provided. This also applies to online backup services on the Internet offering remote data storage facility.     

Every new comer should first go for free trial offered by the service provider on the web. This way he can save on money, time and avoid disappointment.

Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Richest Bussiness Man

Fortunes waiver and hence the list of richest business men also does. There have been many billionaires in the World who have amassed huge wealth in their times. 

As of today the Forbes List stands as below:

Carlos Slim - Mexico - Wealth 74 Billion Dollars

Bill Gates - USA - Microsoft - Wealth 54 Billion Dollars

Warren Buffet - USA- Microsoft - Wealth 50 Billion Dollars

Bernard Arnault - France - LVMH - Wealth 41 Billion Dollars

Larry Ellison - USA - Oracle - Wealth 39.5 Billion Dollars  

Laxmi Mittal - India - Steel - Wealth 31.1 Billion Dollars

Amacio Ortega - Spain - Inditex - Wealth 31 Billion Dollars 

Eika  Batista - Brazil - Mining - Wealth 30 Billion Dollars 

Mukesh Ambani - India - RIL - Wealth 27 Billion Dollars

Christy Walton - USA - Wal Mart - Wealth 26.5 Billion Dollars 

Why the cards?

Be it national governance, departmental practice, personal finance, or even a supermarket the cards shone.  It is the card age right away especially in India. In case of subversive activities happening new and then photo identity proof help ward of the evil.

It all started with the diving license whence it turned into a portable card. Earlier it was a cumbersome practice of carrying the A4 size form that was often bound to a hard cover which could be folded for comfort. Like other instruments that came in later the driving license was introduced to certify you driving ability and to prevent road misuse.  Your name and particulars where in record and so was your identity.

The laminated card made all the difference perhaps it encouraged people to get one and be safe.But this card had no use in business or personal finance matters.  

Among these smart cards debit and credit cards issued by financial institutions such as bank became most popular. These transformed the way we manage our personal finance and even small business.  These instruments have accorded tremendous flexibility and movement. You need not carry loads of money any more in your pocket or bag and eventually get mugged.   A swish at the ATM and you get the moolah you require.   

The Ration card is also popular among those below the poverty line but it also acted like a fantastic address and photo identity proof which worked on many difficult instances. Along with your mark sheet which acted as proof of birth the ration card acted as photo and address identity for availing passport, electric connection etc.

The voter identity card also facilitated fair play in case of elections big or small. This also played a valuable role in its use as photo identity and address proof. But than those eligible for voting could avail this card. Hence still did not have an all purpose card that could be applied for by one and all.   

Project Aadhar by UIDAI recently launched as UID Card benefits those recipients beneficiary of Government based schemes and privileges. The card uses biometrics as means of identification and hence is fool proof. This instrument is an all purpose card very useful for photo identification.             

The permanent account number (PAN) in India was one of the major steps taken to create greater accountability regards taxation and financial transaction. Initially there was a great hesitation regarding this popular instrument in the country. Introduced by the ever vigilant Department of Taxation the usage brought into the net many tax payers who did not. There came a greater curb in illegal transactions and wrong banking practices. The mandatory subscription for opening bank account of purchasing properties etc brought in more people. In India, even the NRI require the pan card number for conducting financial transactions and property purchase. There are no disadvantages of this laminated card as people believe. 

Unlike credit and debit cards PAN and UID cards can be applied for online. The application forms can be downloaded with ease and submitted. Some formalities could be manual but nevertheless less bothersome.  

Monday, August 29, 2011

Reforms Key to India's Economic Growth

After years of stringent policies the socialistic pattern was done away with by Manmohan Singh as a finance minister. The UPA government promises more reforms under Manmohan now the Prime Minister of India.
The government announced to the industry a new set of reforms in order to boost the slow down in manufacturing sector. This reforms will come about with setting of a joint task force with India Inc.   

Several suggestions has been forwarded to the government for consideration. The reforms also include sectors like Income Tax, FDI, goods and services, and multi brand retail as well. All this transpired whence Commerce Mimister Anand Sharma held a review meeting with CII. He also intends to hold a review meeting with FICCI soon.      

The urgency came into picture due to dismal industrial performance where the growth slipped down to 5.6 %. It also augured the need for a positive business environment in the country.  Many factors and issues will be taken into consideration for a positive outcome. 

Opportunities for US

For slowdown in economic growth and poor employment rate solution can be found elsewhere in China and India suggests Business Week. The economy news magazine sees opportunities for American products in under developed countries.

The key to success is niche products with a greater degree of difficulty in the manufacturing process. Hence these products cannot be replicated or discounted. Cutting edge technology can yield robust order from less developed countries. 

Countries like India and China will always maintain economic growth in the near future. Setting up plants in these countries will be an effective cost cutting exercise. The strategy will result is  robust growth for the US concerns.

Dye Manufacturing Key Issues

Dyes are substance or chemicals which impart color to a material. The manufacturing process is complex and at times hazardous. The techniques differ in manufacturing of various dyes. After the invention of synthetic coloring agents many product types have been manufactured for different applications. The process requires synthesizing, filtration, drying and blending with other products and additives. The final product is then ready for use. After synthesis the product is separated using distillation precipitation and then crystallization. After this fishing operations are carried out.

The manufacture releases air pollutants some of them are NO2, SO2, volatile organic compounds and hydrogen chloride. Solid wastage effluents and sludge are also of major concern. Various treatment methodologies are applied to destroy or lessen the presence of toxic elements released during production.

Pollution prevention and control is a must during the process of production. The amount of toxic wastes has to be minimized. Use of alternative dyestuff is recommended instead of azo dyes for textile manufacturers. It is wise to reuse intermediates or by products than throw them. Minimize spillage by using automated filling plants similarly toxic packing material can be sent to the supplier for reuse. Reduce the generation of waste water and discover uses for rejected lots if possible. Replace highly harmful raw materials with bio degradable ones.

Land use for the plant and the neighboring lands should be protected from toxic pollutants and wastes. On instance of accidental release or spillage of toxic substances a prevention and protection plan should be ready. Quality design inputs and maintenance should be implemented in order to minimize toxic emissions. Careful monitoring and control process along with frequent analysis and reporting is a must. 

The complicated process of dye manufacturing in India is highly advanced. The chemical industry produces many dyestuffs and intermediates to facilitate the production locally. The products are slod with India as well as exported to many other countries in the world.   

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Business success pathway

Throughout the world business success has come to those who started small. This does not mean mega entrants have not succeeded but the risk is very high. A very innovative approach has to be adopted in order to start with a bang. All entrepreneurs dream of overnight success but the smart one must start small.

They know that business growth is evolutionary and required infrastructure for high turnover takes time to be built. Most of the large scale businesses in India or mega corps have reached zenith over the decades. The untiring efforts of the pioneers resulted in creating an empire. But this is not a fixed paradigm especially in the days of professional management services.

Though not overnight the exponential growth that Dhirubhai’s business enterprises underwent is remarkable. This was a one man performance similar to phenomenal rise of Infosys and Bill Gates Microsoft Corporation. But than not everyone is born with the characteristics of Dhirubhai, Narayan Murthy or Bill Gates. These greats have built an empire with limited resources.

For small time starters it is imperative that they take note of their resources. They must work within the limitation heavy institutional borrowing can be a bad strategy. Only whence at a stage growth is assured then one should go for rapid expansion. For many this can be a decade long process. Lot of grit and determination is required along with a clear foresight.

The aim and objectives have to be pursued relentlessly in order to succeed. Hence to avoid ending in a disaster dream big but act wisely one step at a time in measured pace.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jan LokPal Bill

Jan Lokpal Bill is an instrument to control corruption in sociopolitical, business and administrative life of India.  It is also designed to address public grievances and protect those who throw open the lid on major political or business scandals.  The bill is supposed to work like an ombudsman.

It has become big matter of controversy with varied  views. The major hindrance for political system to accept it in form advocated by its proponents is that it dilutes the power of the parliament.It is construed by many as being antithesis to the parliamentary systems.    

The bill incorporates power investigate corrupt politicians, administrative and all others under its ambit without prior permission and independently.  This bill first issued in the year 1968 has undergone many variations but has yet to be cleared by both the houses.

A compromise bill is being favored as against the one proposed by Anna Hazare and his supporters. The bill seeks to empower people to keep an eye on the systems and punish those found guilty. This is perceived unconstitutional by many among the ruling class.    

Card Banking

Every since the financial institutions started using the electronic payment systems the business World has changed. Most popular has been the ATM card. This can be debit or credit as well. This is used for with drawing money from automatic teller machine. The machines are a virtual banking systems with ability to produce balance receipt as well. 

These are plastic laminated with your signature at the back and a unique number called personal identification number or pin. The versatility of ATM cards have increased with many types om authenticating systems in place.In case of all cards the electronic verification systems verifies the authenticity in seconds for processing.

The credit card was conceptualize from a novel it is a follower of many merchant credit schemes. This is issued mostly by the banks. It has a revolving account with a credit limit as per the assessment of borrower. These are not universal and merchants always advertise the institutions from whom the cards are acceptable. The debit card provides electronic access to the holders bank account. It is also used in ATM machines. It is also possible to use it for merchant banking like paying bills at stores and restaurants. They can be used for making purchases on the cyber space. There are also available virtual cards for making Internet payments with no physical attributes at all.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Economic revival of India

India has gone a long way since independence in economy and business. Not only this the country has advanced on all spheres. It is today assumed to be an economic giant a future leader perhaps. 

Just after the independence the country followed socialist, protectionist policies that encouraged public sector but not the private sector. Heavy taxation was a bane of all progress and it encouraged tax evasion hence black money. 

In recent time there has been as lot of reforms which has brought about a dynamic U turn in the economy. With corrective policies and reforms the industrial sector achieved phenomenal growth. Subsequently exports gained a big boost. The low cost manufacturing and affordable service sector made the country attractive for foreign direct investors. The manufacturing sector has gained a lot and is in position to challenge China.   

The country has vast man power which id skilled and semi skilled and understands or speak English. The resultant benefits are obvious and the Nation is engaged in enhancing this factor. Education in India is a priority and will change the country's profile and image abroad. The Indian management cadre, white and blue collar workers and cheap labor contribute to the economy most prolifically. 

The burgeoning technological, research and management institutes are the country's futuristic strength. Indian professional will pay an active role in global economy in time to come.     

Importance of Pan Card in India

It becomes perquisite for big economies to devise systems of control and facilitation. The pan card or permanent account number is one such system that the Government of India finds useful. It is a unique number allotted to the applicant an Indian Citizen or NRI. 

This unique number is based on alpha numerical characters which have a set pattern. The number is allotted to an individual group or a company. Though not mandatory it is required for filing returns and executing major transactions. In banks this card is required for large transactions and facilitates account opening. 

It is one of the best proof of identity and hence very useful. The 10 digit pan number is required on many instances and carries numerous benefits. In the initial stage  it was looked down as insecure or bothersome but now most of the citizens of India have applied for it or have it. 
This useful instrument as been issued by the IT Dept of India under CBDT.  The card is issued  in laminated form with a photograph of the applicant. Besides identity proof it also acts as address proof where ever required. 

The application for this number can be made online at UTI or  NSDL website. The income tax website has a  lot of information to offer. The procedure is simple with some identity proof being a prerequisite. After the application is made on can regularly check pan card status online using a search tool. Having the permanent account number even for non assessee or small business is a good step.  
One needs to quote the permanent account number where ever required. On many instance a photocopy works but sometimes original laminated card may be asked for.   

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

US economy: Is it all over?

Well what I mean is that is the downslide over. US economy is the World's biggest economy in terms of fiscal capaicty as well as technology.  The country is reeling under stress thanks to wrong banking policies which resulted collapse of major banks.

The unemployment rate is very high and the employed are not confident if they will retain their jobs. Hence the expected consumer spending is not all bouyant. The biggest scare is of cuts in medicare and social security.
Whatever the plus side is it is not enough. More has to be done to bring back the Giant on its feet.

The White House has to point to an emerging strong economy for electoral purpose. Albeit people in US vote more on the basis of what will affect them and their family positively. They do not take unemployment rate or GDP into consideration while voting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mobile Phones in India

It was a gradual introduction in India. The early mobile phones where costly and subscription was high as well. But then the technology flourished and the use of cellular devices became widespread. Though still restrict to upper class phone by major brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson and LG began to capture the market share.    

As the price range came down there was a quantum jump in mobile phone usage in the country. At the same time many service providers arrived on the scene and the usage price came down due to competition. The changing scenario was grasped quickly by innovative firms like Micromax in India. The company offered low cost substitute for major brands keeping the features as same. As further example of its ingenuity the manufacturer came up with keyboard in local dialect, marathon battery and dual sim models which were and instant hits especially among the rural segment.  

For the young crowd models trendy designs and multimedia capabilities in demand. The phenomenal apps development lead to a revolution in cell phone usage. The professional mobile application developers came up with startling new features. The entertainment capabilities of mobiles increased purchase beyond proportion.   

But with every new feature the cell phone cost also rode up. This meant many people in spite of desire could not purchase it. The affordable option was launched in the market by Micromax. Surprisingly the latest features and sleek design offered everything the major brands could offer. The popularity of Micromax handsets increased dramatically. The company had set in a new paradigm and succeeded.  

There are many players in India making these cellular devices for communication and entertainment. The high cost of top brands attracts user towards the low cost handsets provide the quality remains.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indian Business

Like never before Indian business and industries are booming. From a humble beginning post independence the countries progress scale has showed a steep upward movement in recent times. The biggest growth factor is the manufacturing sector small and big. 

With recession in the developed countries greater impetus is placed upon cutting costs. Countries like India and China offer cheaper production using latest technology. Hence the cost cutting exercise has become a strategic move and must. The resistance towards outsourcing to India is irrational since ultimate beneficiaries are the parent companies situated in the Western World.      

India is destined to be an economic power horse as analyst say. The boost in growth has also arisen from the It sector and overseas job scenario since NRI contribution to the economy is substantial. Tourism is on the move but comparably the country stands nowhere in spite of having the wonders to offer. The reason is lack of infrastructure and services that cater to super luxurious tourists preferences.  

Other factors that contribute are medical tourism, performing arts, music and many others. The country in spite of problems that scale to a high magnitude is nevertheless advancing in all sectors. This augurs a bright future in time to come.