Friday, October 29, 2010

Internet Faxing - New paradigm

Revolutions change the World. Not only political and  social but technological as well. In fact in the current scenario it is technology that is fast changing the World. From Fax Machines to Computers to Internet and Mobiles it has been an amazing transformation.

In communications Internet has played a pioneering role thanks to email messaging followed by Internet faxing a utility which has benefited many small business. Internet has been an multidimensional phenomenon of which communication has been a major beneficiary. 

The web fax phenomena has eliminated usage of fax machine which have been replaced by web servers and programming. This has been a major cost reducer for small business and corporates alike. The online fax service come along with many benefits apart from being free well many. The increase in messaging speed and portability are some aspects not covered by the erstwhile fax machines. 

The rapid advance in faxing technology has enabled many utilities. It is now possible to send email to fax  online using the web fax service. Many web fax services offer bulk email messaging but these are paid services and not free. 

Major players in the online fax services are Nextiva, eFax, Rapidfax and Metrofax to name a few. These service providers offer various utilities apart from free trial period of a month. Choosing a service depends upon your need and utilities offerred online.    

The usage of web faxes has increased rapidly thanks to services offered and cost benefits. There are many service providers in the market today. Many offer free trial period to showcase their technological capabilities. Paid services offer much more than free service but for small usage free services suffice.             

Micromax an emerging Giant

It is difficult to penetrate into realm of an established competitors especially if they constitute a mega corp. The World is abuzz with mobiles and large mobile companies, the leaders are ruling the roost. Into this impregnable nest has penetrated a small players from India that is threatening to compete if not take over.


Established in Year 2008 Micromax company has captured market share from less than1 percent to more than six percent. This achievement is by all means incredible for a small player. Micromax is one of the fastest mobile handset company in India with annual sales of more than two and half million handsets in India.

Believing in strategic growth the company has established a dealership network in many countries. The company proudly calls itself innovative mobile handsets company. Not surprisingly it has in its bags models with latest technology at affordable price. It is adapted fast to local needs in which other companies have failed. The manufacturer sells mobiles using Hindi language the most widespread in India.

Keeping with trends it manufactures both CDMA and GSM moblie phones in India. There are a large number of Micromax mobile models available in the phone market. The company has proven its worth by catering to all segments.

The Marathon 30 day battery back up models are aimed at rural India with faltering electricity supply.  This unique and along Dual Sim model makes it the most innovative company. Micromax excels in innovation that aims local hence more user friendly.         

The growth rate suggests a bright future. Micromax has to be consistent in quality and offer latest technology. This done the company can reach the second spot in mobile handset sales behind Nokia.