Saturday, December 31, 2016

Demonsterization & The Holy Cow of Corruption

"At stroke of midnight when India awakens....." Nehru's memorable speech whence we gained independence."  

Now and then, India awakens but often with hiccups! This spasm that has come is of quake like intensity... a thunderbolt.  

On one stroke, a little before midnight the sleeping country awakened. It gave sleepless night to those with large stacks of black money in notes of 500 and 1000. The very instrument of exchange promised as security was subject to demonetisation. Since the legal tenders (read legal income) were being accepted albeit in a short period, this action was not that of distrust by the financial institutions in India.    

This was an event waiting to happen. A nation  reeling under corruption of unfathomable magnitude since Independence finally came to terms - enough is enough.  The corrupt with immense amount of undisclosed wealth were running a parallel economy much to the impairment of the nation's real economy. 

The monsters hidden in all wakes of life were at extreme comfort, under a system that prevailed without any obstacles in their unholy path.

A holy cow that no one dared to touch.

The large scale hoarders rarely faced any punitive action such was the invincible strength of this system.  This was also a blow to racketeers indulging in counterfeit currency in India and abroad. The lethal nexus of criminal, smugglers and those involved in heinous terrorist activities, all those who survived on fake currency have been hit hard,..they were bound to.  

The scramble began as soon as the announcement was made. Some... real estate dons, businessmen, politicians...criminals and habitual tax evaders all those who indulged in nefarious activities were caught unprepared. The attack on the tentacles of corruption led to an unprecedented upheaval...all were awoken by a little before midnight announcement, for many their was sleep lost forever.  

Amid mind boggling consternation things became clear whence the junta woke up in the morning. This was the right step awaited for a long time, the average Indian put forth his views. Much discomfort was due but if the action augured a better future then all was bearable.

There is expected to be a big overhaul in the systems that that had failed in curbing the menace of parallel economy. This praiseworthy action calls for structural changes which are robust and effective.  

But if success strikes which is very likely...there are some fears.

Will those empowered go overboard?

Will the regulatory mechanism affect those who are not into nefarious activities?

Will there be lack of pragmatic governance after being emboldened?

These are genuine worries, though the opposition which is crying wolf is a safe guard against authoritarianism in our country. And so is the electoral imperatives and vibrant media.

There is lot of hopes from the present establishment in power. The action is not comparable to banning the beef which was accepted stoically due the large scale sentiments that prevail in the country.

The impact will be accessible in the near future. But the gut feeling is that demonetisation is a step in the right direction.      

Thursday, September 8, 2016

APPLE 1 Phone 7

As per CEO of APPLE Inc the company has created the best smartphone in the World. Looking at the features it seems to be without doubt. The mobile handset incorporates latest features like advance camera, stereo sound and longer battery life. The phone is also water resistant.   

APPLE iPhone & plus is yet to arrive in the market the launch date being 16 September 2016. It is supposed to be better than this model and pricier too.  

Read to know more: 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reliance JIO hazaaron saal

With much fanfare and pomp the JIO 4G network was commercially launched on 5th September 2016. The inaugural speech by Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani was broadcast on TV and was a subject of much discussions and speculations. During the forty five minute speech and after the shares of major players in India fell by a substantial margin. 

Loaded in the speech was announcement of ample freebies, low data rates and easy plans.  

A nation crazy after mobile telephony and handsets, this network seems to be promising the sky. But what has to be seen is the service reputation and cost benefits for long that remain in the picture. The services will be provided pan India that is across the whole nation. The facility also carries voice telephony services pan India using voice over LTE feature. 

The telephone subsidiary of RIL (Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL))  has also tied up with Intex a handset manufacture that will enable the feature described above.  The smart phone LYF smartphones will also enable high speed Internet facility. The company also tied up with Reliance Communications for spectrum sharing. This company is owned by his younger brother Anil Ambani.  

The company has tied up with google play for apps that the users would be able to download and use with JIO Sim card. The brand ambassador is none other than the famous Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan.

JIO Company Website   

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

The Central Indian State, Madhya Pradesh is all but known for its tourist destinations.  Khajuraho Temples top the list among a list of many popular destinations. The close next is Kanha National Park near Jabalpur followed by Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna and Satpura in that order. 

The State is also known for its vast forest cover though considerable denudation has taken place. The remaining tracts accord incredible beauty thanks to the diverse landscapes they help in giving rise.  Tourism is primary source of revenue for the State and generates jobs in abundance.  

Revenue is generated from both local and foreign sources. With the improvement in infrastructure and connectivity major income source generation for the industry as well benefits to local communities is bound to take place. The participation is this industry has resulted in empowerment of many local communities especially women in Central India.     

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest State in India next to Rajasthan. Situated right in the center the Topic of Capricorn passes right through the Jabalpur Town. The geographical location and climate are instrumental in creating a diversity at which one can but marvel. The topography and altitude are further fashioned by the Vindhya and Satpura  ranges which are biodiversity hubs and densely forested.    

The tourism in the State had a belayed start some destination being popular with the British rulers and the royals. Most of the destination hitherto unknown became popular with increasing infrastructure created by MPTDC in the post colonial era.  The acronym stands for Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation a public concern that was instrumental in encouraging tourism. The propaganda arm made many destinations popular and continue to do so along with the private players. Joining the milieu a large number   of major brands have entered the scene. 

Among the Hill stations popular one's are Pachmarhi and Amarkantak both are biosphere reserves as well. The latter was more popular during the Raj and now with us. Amarkantak is the origin of the Holy Narmada along with Son river. The destination is at the confluence (Maikal Hills) of Vindhya and Satpura Ranges and is primary a pilgrimage center for Hindus.    

Khajuraho is popular of the eighty temples that thrive in its womb the outer walls of the Hindu temples contain erotic carvings that have proved to be the star attractions.  A large number of foriegn tourists arrive here to witness these 10th Century marvels created by the Culchuri Dynasty in Chatterpur District.  Other places of interest ascending the limelight are Orchha and Mandu. 

The tiger reserves are other sources of revenue generation beside being the leading conservation units in the country. National Parks such as Satpura, Bandhavgarh, popular Kanha near Jabalpur, Pench and Panna are highly popular being known globally. 

Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls are prime attraction in Jabalpur Towns, besides, Gwalior, Bhopal and Indore have much to offer in terms of ancient and contemporary monuments. Madhya Pradesh is undiscovered, more has to be experienced. .   

An APPLE A Day - EU & Ireland (Tax)

 A huge tax recovery to the tune of 13 billion Euros is what the EU official say that  Ireland must recover. Not taken warmly the US cries "Wolf". Unfair it says the retroactive tax against the global giant APPLE Inc.

The fallout is just not tax alone it is also looked at the way EU treats American businesses. The anomaly is as a result of illegal aid granted to Apple for a period of twenty years. This helped the company  lower its tax assessment and hence save.

According to EU members cannot accord benefits to selected companies. US says that this will undermine the business environment as far as Europe is concerned. The massive retroactive tax could result in growth potential of the company as well as reduce employment.  

The drastically lower tax rate applicable to Apple subsidiaries in Ireland was to increase jobs on that country. About 1 percent tax is far lower than US 35% and Ireland 12.5%. This is unfair cry the lawmakers in Europe and US as well.

Logically Apple is going to appeal the decision as have Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler. There are many US companies under the tax authorities scanner hence more is yet to come.

This ruling may be technically right but then the retroactive enforcement would be a big discouragement for investment due to uncertainty whence the country taxation arrangements could be undermined by the European Commission.  

Shivraj Chouhan Highlighting Madhya Pradesh for Business in US Visit

On a five day visit to USA, Shivraj Chouhan the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh highlighted the State for business opportunities. The Minister met with eminent business personalities in order to promote economic opportunities prevailing in the State also known as MP. 

The State although has vast tracts of forest cover is offering growth opportunities in urban surroundings. Indore with accessibility to major industrial towns like Mumbai and New Delhi is flourishing as far as trade and manufacturing is concerned. My major agglomerations like Bhopal (Capital), Jabalpur and Gwalior lag behind.

On major platforms he highlighted MP as investor friendly State bereft of  terrorism, labor problems and red tape. Stable power, friendly policies and strong agriculture all that are conducive to business exist here. The State is rich in mineral wealth and labor resources.  Though skilled man power is limited whence compared to major economic hubs in India, nevertheless it is not a problem with rising number of technical and management institutes.

Shivraj Singh stressed upon certain sectors like IT, manufacturing, tourism, food processing and pharma which is prepared for growth. In spite of all the positive aspects at many places the State lacks proper road infrastructure and resources that are exigent for manufacture. Nevertheless excellent connectivity vis a vis railways, transportation and flights have now come into picture.    

He invited American Businessmen to Global Investors Summit being organised on 22 and 23 of October 2016 at Indore the commercial hub of this heartland region.

It should be noted that major public sector manufacturing units concerned with defense, power, electronics, agrofood processing and engineering are based since many years. Hence Madhya Pradesh is no stranger to  commercialization only the full potential has to be explored.     

Monday, July 25, 2016

Scotch Whiskey in India...Hic!

In spite of more and more states joining the dry band wagon the consumption of liquor in India is on the rise. The rich and no so rich are all game for whisky more often as social trending rather than a habit. One of the most expensive and desired type of alcohol in India is the scotch whisky. Apart from being heavenly smooth some types contain a smoky flavor thanks to the use of peat mass for firing in the distilleries. 

The malted barley mash is distilled, brewed and matured using the water and peaty in the peat bogs of Scotland (Islay) this liquor is one of the most pricey in the World.  In India scotch is a prized catch. A status symbol  unparalleled. Most popular of brands in the country are as follows:

Johnnie Walker Red/Black/Blue Label Scotch - Diageo
Chival Regal - Pernord Ricard
Glenlivet Single Malt

Many more brands are popular besides those mentioned above. But presumably the above brands have a higher market consumption than the rest. 

The battle hardened brands are by Diageo and Pernord Recard and the stiff competition amidst them is talk of the industry. Though the figures are highly contentious Chival is definitely tightening the noose over its rival the famous Johnnie Walker stuff.    

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Steel No More Steel

After a lull in steel prices the market seems to be picking up and a brighter forecast spells steady rise in the segment. This is also the same with iron ore partly due to rise in demand from Chinese market.The demand from China seems to be improving steadily as demands arise from its infrastructure development projects. 

There has been improvement in steel demands in US and Europe as well. The imposition of anti dumping duty has also benefited concerns like Areclor Mittal.  

But the biggest concern in news is the Tata's Steel concerns in UK. Due to hurdles regarding the pension fund which has created a liability of seven hundred million pounds it seems sell off is unlikely. A potential strategic partnership seems to be a better bet for the ailing business.  But this is a tardy process and is at a preliminary stage.  Another recourse is to cut costs as much as possible. How this will be brought is not clear.     

The problem has arisen due to low prices in the steel market. This was in making has the World was oversupplied with steel. The China driven demand faced a stand off due to slack in its industries. To make matters worse the local production of Chinese arose significantly. Excess production was dumped outside the country triggering stiff competition from global manufacturers. 

The rising prices has raised some  hopes till the Chinese concerns raise their output to offset the gain in prices. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ringing Phone - Cell Phone for $4

Ringing Bells is a company based in New Delhi that promises to sell Android phones for Rs.251. The Indian startup is selling the phones at a loss and hopes for Government subsidy to aid the project. The aim of Ringing Bells is to spread the mobile phones all over the country especially cover those who can ill afford these devices. Aiming at creating a communication revolution in India it plans to sell a number of products many of which will be sold at a profit.     

As per the company almost 200000 cell phones are ready to be shipped all across the Nation. This despite that many players find the price of the smartphone incredible. Is there a catch somewhere the owner of the company  Mr. Goel strongly denies it. 

With a market scaling more than one billion subscribers success is a cheese and a big one at that. The gadget feature almost all that big brands promise despite the price. It is tie up with some companies for pre-installed apps which is suppose to bring the cost down since the company does not have any manufacturing setup.    

In absence of manufacturing set up Ringing Bells is importing knocked down kits from Taiwan. But the critics are still in disbelief at the incredible pricing is this a publicity gimmick or what?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Post Brexit Outcome & Adjustments Next

What happens next is a major question that the Brits face post exit from the European Union. Instability and adjustment are the imperative that the economy may face. The pound sterling has already seen a downfall and banks a easing regulations for lending subsequently.  This after Bank of England has infused about 150 pounds into the National economy.

After man years withing the EU Britain decided to leave. This decision was due to immigration policies which the people of UK did not favor. This was evident post voting. Apart from economic uncertainty there was significant political turmoil especially within the Conservative Party amidst those who favored separation. The major opposition, Labor Party experienced some trouble as well.    

Twenty eight countries in Europe are tied to Article fifty after the departure procedure are confirmed there will twenty seven left. UK will join Norway at the independent window. But only after the formality is commenced i.e letter to European Council of intent to leave will the uncertainty evaporated. The effect so far has be catastrophic to some extant.            

In wake of Scotland's desire to remain within EU things fallen into the quagmire of total uncertainty since affirmative would be required from the Scottish Parliament albeit blocking cannot prevent the separation.     

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition

Finding going tough in search market and its products challenged by Google Microsoft is diversifying into being a service provider of shorts. In spite of expansion of its core businesses quiet successfully the growth graph was much to be desired as per the company's liking.    

This has propelled the company into introducing new business models. Greater emphasis is being given to serving business customers hence the acquisition.    

LinkedIn justifies the purchasers shifting strategy with large base of corporate professionals and equally large base of seekers of job and contacts.The online service provider has an overlap with Microsoft's customer base making the purchase a sensible act.     

The giant is certain it will integrate with many offerings of LinkedIn and propel the company forward. After Steve Balmer's desperate effort to boost the revenue Satya  Nadella is seeking new openings.    

Oil Uptick The Ripple Strikes Back

The merciful slow down in oil was a big relief for Nations highly dependent on energy imports. The fossil fuel responsible for global warming is here to stay. No matter what progress is being made in alternative fuels oil remains the major source.    

Well it is a simple global demand and supply game as the Oil Market Report portrays.  The increase in production some time back was due to fracking boom in USA, Iraq recovery and production splurge by KSA. Weak economies dithered the upward rise as consumption receded.   

Inspite of Iran sanction being no more and the 700000 mpd addition the upward swing is noticeable. This is due to natural disasters, political uprisings and terrorist sabotage in Nigeria.  The low prices of crude had encouraged usage in many countries as well as by fast developing Nations like India.    

Low prices has also discouraged fracking in the oil fields of Texas in USA. Shale oil production exhibits a catch 22 situation as reduced production in case of low prices would experience an upward swing if prices bounce back sufficiently higher.    

From 33$ to present fifty dollars the crunch is being felt but not so much as it was during high prices over 100$ per barrel.  

Made in China

The impact China has made through product exports in recent times is phenomenal. World over Chinese made products rule the roost. Most of the popularity lies in countries like Pakistan, Australia, India, Canada, USA and Europe. For   many countries China is the main trading partner.  

Mass production is the key to this phenomena and the cost matters as well. Hence both factors impel these countries to import. It is a fair game and any country that fulfills these two factors can export in large quantities. But the buck does not stop here quality and precision matters as well.    

Hence rapidly gained markets are fast dwindling as users realize the imperfect products they land up with. Like in India we have experienced the low reliability of many imports from China. Many products have failed quality tests pushing consumers away. 

The Make in India initiative should propel manufacturing in India that is the objective. Will the country be able to achieve excellence in manufacturing and challenge the leader? Well time will tell.  

Promotional Products for Business

Business promotion is key to success all over the World. In order to increase sales or make an entry into a particular field entrepreneurs resort to create visuals that are appealing. This creates an image of the products in the mind of the customers and hence lure them to make a purchase. This is a form of advertisement which may include documentaries, hoardings and items that are brought into every day use. 

The items are cleverly designed keeping the cost in mind since they have to be used in bulk quantities. This is one of the key aspects of marketing where traditional and modern product line is used to imprint the logo or an ad message.          

Also known as promotional marketing there many companies that utilize this strategy to gain popularity and hence increase sales. The items are either utility or attractive showpieces which are made in large quantities. The distribution is important since the ad material should land in the hands of targeted audience.    

The key to a successful campaign is innovation whence building product line is concerned. The sales force should be effective in distribution to the right people or sections of the society. An experienced marketing tea, is required in order to make the campaign successful.  

The large line of products that are manufactured using various technologies offer a good potential for success. The innovations are more attractive especially whence technology is involved. But this does not mean that traditional art forms are less effective. The art forms are expensive but mass production using technology fetches the price down with the creation of duplicate.        

Most effective are the specialty promotions that fetch results. The imprints are widely used in order to attract consumers to the product. The expertise plays an important role in the whole campaign. Hence a unique marketing field is created.   

Saturday, May 14, 2016

About stationary sales online?

Unlike older times whence the Internet was not in place it was difficult to sell products far and wide. The business World experienced a sea change with the advent of the network we term as Internet.  Initially all was simple and the only activity that was possible was search. Even the search was in infancy as the algorithms used  were not advanced.

All that changed overnight as the capabilities developed in the designing world.   Along with the growth of Internet the design and development became more interactive. This gave rise to a phenomenal number of  stores online. With the passage of time Internet Marketing gave rise to business online. The phenomenal reach of Internet and the speed all contributed to a new paradigm in business.

Like all eCommerce businesses online stationary stores sprung selling various kinds of items in demand. The business was no longer confined to local region as before. The Internet made it possible to communicate and display products all over the World. The design front made it possible to display items as they are in reality.

Though not required much in case of office and paper stationary a three dimension picture provided effective conversion and hence sale. Ready made template created an attractive platform to conduct business with ease. The whole process was facilitated by payment systems incorporated in the websites.   

The stationers could now make sale worldwide practically wherever delivery cost made things possible. They had wide array of products required by offices and industries worldwide. With advancement of technology product profile had changed long ago with new communication tools like computers, mobiles, fax machines, printers and whatnot.  

Products became numerous enough to make it commercially viable to sell stationary online.  The stores depended upon interactive functionality which was provided by web designers. The eCommerce tools now enable transaction worth billions but at the same time have given rise to competition which in a way is good for the consumers.

Most of the online stationary stores depend upon the designers for providing an attractive platform. His calls for money to be invested. Online platforms like eCommerce sites are expensive to maintain but the returns are equally rosy.   

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mounting Bad Loans : Indian Banks

The letter arrived along with hundreds of pages of demand for settlement of business loan against our firm. For small men this is a nerve wrecking event well not only banks loans from any source also is. The worst is money borrowed from private players who charge exorbitant interest and can thug whenever needed especially in case of default.   

Though we cleared money the form owed to the Government many are not so fortunate. The banks are empowered through DRT to recover money through assets owned by the firm or else personal assets. But in spite of stringent laws the amount of  NPAs (Non Performing Assets) are staggering. 

A very massive number of default cases are pending in DRT pertaining to thousands of crores of Rupees. A very large number of cases will never see the end of the day for a meaningful recovery.    

Why does this happening? 

Well I am not a financial wizard hence the question is aimed at the Gurus. But even for the common man can figure out...

Corrupt practices used while disbursing loans.  

Improper assessments of securities.  

The lure of the lucre in case of eager financial institution.

Political proclivity in case of major players. 

Did something like this happen in case of Mallya? Will we know? 

Why are their no secure assets in place with the lending banks?

Hope the riddle is solved on some points. This is public money those responsible for lacunae should be brought to justice and timely.  

Empowering Economy : Green Renewable Energy

Energy has played tremendous role in shaping economies the World over. No wonder so much depends upon the price of crude and extraction of coal. Both are fossil fuels that generate warming with the emission of carbon dioxide.    

To make matters worse elements that control global warming are being decimated massively. All over the World especially in South Americas and some Asian countries the denudation is at its worst. The countries desperate for revenue generation seek short term benefits from fossil fuels, and activities that permanently destroy the best ecosystems in the World.     

The answer lies in harnessing renewable energy that is emission friendly and does not deplete our resources. All said and done many countries across the globe are actively perusing their agenda to win this battle. So far in spite of positive results they are not tangible.  Alternative energy means like the wind mills, solar panels and bio gas have not been implemented on a large scale to counter the usage of fossil fuels. The problem lies in the cost of the infrastructure which is still high in spite of strides made into the technology.    

All three are future energy sources though substantial generation is taking place.  In case of bio gas generation South Korea leads by example. The waste recycling plants using animal excreta has been set up at places using advance technology. India should emulate such positive development taking into consideration the colossal amount bio waste generated from large live stock population all across the country.      

Though economies have benefited by drastic reduction of price or crude the green answer remains elusive. Sound industrial development, construction and daily usage means using energy that is green or recyclable.   

There is no limit to sources that yield  alternative or renewable energy some of other means are ocean energy, hot rock geothermal power, hydroelectricity, solar heating and of course the much maligned nuclear energy. The latter poses safeguard threats and yes as lately mention the fear of theft of fissile material by terrorists.  .  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Out of the Brink - Construction Industry

The decade was abuzz with the slow down in major economies of  Europe and America the leading power house of modern civilizations. From the world of monopoly and dominant economic centers the World has become multi-polar with many centers of economy.     

The paradigm shift has affected many traditional industries especially augured by a devastating slow down. The recent down slide in oil prices has added to the woes. 

The rapidly emerging economies in Asia, East Europe, Middle East and Latin America offers hope to many in the construction industry with constant needs of urbanization.  In USA salvage packages diversified funding and new opportunities spur growth to new heights changing the dismal picture few years ago. However companies better able to adapt to the changing landscape globally will reap major benefits.     

Though work force concerns will remain new technology trends and increase in spending will fuel growth in 2016. Most of the work force that had migrated back to their countries have not returned. Further tech savvy younger generation neglected during the slowdown so no inclination towards joining the sector.  This continuing trend has resulted in curtailing the project handling capacities of many builders in US. .        

Prefab or modular construction has proven to be more cost effective, green with less time consumption. This is attracting companies to move towards this emerging technology.  

But as per prediction single family housing construction will pick up this year to the tune of twenty five percent.But the multifamily sector will remain as the stabilizing factor.   

Construction activities include commercial construction, engineering projects and urban developments. But the housing sector takes the cake hence the focus of this article.  

Another sphere of activity is the house remodeling sector which is an indicator of increase in spending ability. This is often compounded with repair and renovation work which is so much a part of industry. Thus the professional contractors have added work requirements whence spending is good.   

Friday, February 5, 2016

Oil Prices & Global Impact

For some countries the drastic reduction in crude price has a devastating effect. Most of these countries are into production and refining. The reduction in prices has been due to over production and low demand. This status is going to be further fueled by lifting embargo on Iran and its entry into the oil market.        

In spite of global reduction in the prices the cat and mouse game goes on with the recent upsurge.  In US the swing has been highly volatile with as much as eleven percent rise. Will the price stabilize is at best a conjecture albeit production cut is being talked about among the OPEC and other producers.  The recent slump has been the cause of loss for many oil majors like Shell and BP. 

For UK the slump has been good for the economy resulting rise of wages. According to BBC the heaviest losers are:
Russia with over seventy percent of export income arising from energy.
Venezuela is one of the largest exporter of crude and hence has been hot hard by the slump.
Saudi Arabia can bear the slump for a longer time thanks to its fund reserves.       

For more information read: Impact of falling crude

Moving Services About & Trends

Moving is certainly for fun and rarely a decision. Families move because of corporate transfers, house sale or change in the rental occupancy. The move can be local or long distance.  Major companies in USA involved in this industry are Moving Masters NY, UniGroup, Graebel and SIRVA to name a few.  Forty plus share of business is held among fifty companies.    

Trucking and warehousing plays a major role in this enterprise. However the professionals should also be expert in packing especially in sensitive product category.  Transportation is done by trucks and delivery vans as well.  Most of the goods transported are family furniture office equipment and furniture as well industrial equipment and furniture. The former is known as residential moving while latter is commercial moving. The companies are often referred as packers and movers.      

Storage is provided for long term as well as short term basis. Home relocation which accounts for more than fifty percent of turnover generally requires short term storage. Most of the storage is done at company owned warehouses which is more trustworthy. In case of public facilities mix up can take place and their could loss due to this. Logistics and efficiency is a must for a good relocation enterprise this can be done with own trucking in place. Warehousing services are specialized service since the category of products being transported may differ.  

Trucking is a special operation but many relocation have their own in place. The vehicles are in good condition manned by a dedicated staff well versed with transportation of household goods and furniture. Large trucks and mid sized delivery vans are good enough for the job. The vans are most suited for local transportation.

The industry faced its worst during the economic slowdown in US whence the operations of many companies came to a halt. This was mainly impacted by new house purchases which came down drastically. However the status is improving thanks to settling economy. By the year 2020 a good performance is projected. For all the moving services some regulatory laws apply besides safe guarding the environment concerns in USA and else where.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stationary Products in News

Brand awareness is paramount for stationary products used in offices and many businesses. As models and technology changes so does the usage and with it the buying pattern.  One way this can be done is to pursue news based on the products and company information. This is available on many portals that maintain current development as their prime focus.

With the changes in technology core products manufactured by not only leaders but by new startups as well.  These sites offer not only the news but even the features of the items for the buyers knowledge. Keeping abreast of new developments is not only a necessity it is a smart strategy as well.

The developments are not related only to existing items but to new entrants as well. Shaping your office or business needs requires rapt attention in this regard. The products used are mostly for communication via written or printed text. Some products like paper mats and colored crayons find different us other than communication. Hence entertainment, storage, presentation is also provided by many items sold by the stationers  all over the World.     

In time to come the industry has become multipurpose as well as important strategic move. Day to day items for usage other than communication are also part of the stationers inventory. Items like counterfeit detection pens, binders, time clocks,  calculators, adding machines, cash registers, Micros ID cards and of course the printers.

All these products are part of the inventory and are displayed on their websites for sale. Hence the overall development in this category has increased phenomenally from some basic pen and paper related materials in earlier times.    

Nevertheless in spite of all the innovations paper rolls, ink cartridges and inked pads are still the mainstay of many stationary product dealers and manufacturers. Most of the products are used in printers that now come in various shapes and size. Paper rolls are manufactured according to various specification besides some that are thermal coated. This are used in adding machines, calculators, ATMs and what not. Ink cartridges are the mainstay of printers and are most searched online. Some of the stationery products are subject to various schemes and discounts and to keep abreast a comparison site is a must visit.

Regularly visiting the websites devoted to trends in this industry as well as participating in the annual show is productive. Some of these activities results in fabulous finds besides inspiration by innovative design and developments.  Hence sellers, dealers, manufacturers and most important the purchasers should come out of their shells and become enlightened. The tight fist competitive industry demands involvement and participation. The harder you strive the better is the outcome.