Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mobile Phones in India

It was a gradual introduction in India. The early mobile phones where costly and subscription was high as well. But then the technology flourished and the use of cellular devices became widespread. Though still restrict to upper class phone by major brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson and LG began to capture the market share.    

As the price range came down there was a quantum jump in mobile phone usage in the country. At the same time many service providers arrived on the scene and the usage price came down due to competition. The changing scenario was grasped quickly by innovative firms like Micromax in India. The company offered low cost substitute for major brands keeping the features as same. As further example of its ingenuity the manufacturer came up with keyboard in local dialect, marathon battery and dual sim models which were and instant hits especially among the rural segment.  

For the young crowd models trendy designs and multimedia capabilities in demand. The phenomenal apps development lead to a revolution in cell phone usage. The professional mobile application developers came up with startling new features. The entertainment capabilities of mobiles increased purchase beyond proportion.   

But with every new feature the cell phone cost also rode up. This meant many people in spite of desire could not purchase it. The affordable option was launched in the market by Micromax. Surprisingly the latest features and sleek design offered everything the major brands could offer. The popularity of Micromax handsets increased dramatically. The company had set in a new paradigm and succeeded.  

There are many players in India making these cellular devices for communication and entertainment. The high cost of top brands attracts user towards the low cost handsets provide the quality remains.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indian Business

Like never before Indian business and industries are booming. From a humble beginning post independence the countries progress scale has showed a steep upward movement in recent times. The biggest growth factor is the manufacturing sector small and big. 

With recession in the developed countries greater impetus is placed upon cutting costs. Countries like India and China offer cheaper production using latest technology. Hence the cost cutting exercise has become a strategic move and must. The resistance towards outsourcing to India is irrational since ultimate beneficiaries are the parent companies situated in the Western World.      

India is destined to be an economic power horse as analyst say. The boost in growth has also arisen from the It sector and overseas job scenario since NRI contribution to the economy is substantial. Tourism is on the move but comparably the country stands nowhere in spite of having the wonders to offer. The reason is lack of infrastructure and services that cater to super luxurious tourists preferences.  

Other factors that contribute are medical tourism, performing arts, music and education....so many others. The country in spite of problems that scale to a high magnitude is nevertheless advancing in all sectors. This augurs a bright future in time to come.