Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Online Business - Key to Success

The Internet has been the biggest technical revolution in this decade. It has succeeded in setting up a new paradigm for business and professionals. The major focus has been conducting business online for smaller players. For mega corps it has been  more of showcase or brand building while many utilize it as networking tool with their employees, partners and clients.

Small business try to get the best from their online presence. But the path is riddled with difficulties and it is not easy to succeed. The most important element is the interface website or portal whatever you may call it. teh designing, content and layout is important and so are the factors that create trust.      

For conducting business on the web it is imperative that you interface creates trust. This can be one using accreditation which constitute registration proof, license, client testimonials and security tools on the website. The presentation of the company should appear as  such and not as one man pot luck show.

The content should spell out fine details of products and services, guarantee or assurances. Secure delivery, goods return and all things related to good business practices.    

The website visibility to targeted audience is as important and a good website design should be follow by online marketing including search engine optimization. Active participation in reputable social networking sites is one good means of brand building and creating online reputation. Another means of promoting business online is through the use of Ads from Google (Adwords), Facebook or Linkedin.

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Online shopping has shown a remarkable upward trend this year on Xmas Day in USA. Lot many purchasers used iphone, ipad droid powered devices. The survey was conducted by IBM on more than five hundred online shopping websites.  

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has opened its domestic routes to foreign airlines. This development is in wake of the SAA and National Airlines not able to cope up with the traffic in the country. The tenders would be invited soon but most foreign operators are circumspect and are awaiting the policy guidelines before entering this lucrative market. 

The Ambanis India

The scions of business in India have once again reconciled in a family gathering at Chorwad a small town in Gujarat. The great businessmen spent his childhood in the house at Chorwad. Kokilaben spent a considerable time with her husband here and retains a strong bonding for it. 

The two ambani brothers Anil and Mukesh met each other warmly and will spend about two days in the house along with their families and mother Kokilaben.    

Source Times of India

Jan Lokpal Bill India

After the approval of the president the anti corruption bill called Jan Lokpal is finally to be tabled in the Indian Parliament.  The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday and awaits clearance by the Upper House Rajya Sabha.

The bill if passed with the right provisions is going to be a big booster for business in India. Riddled with lot of impediments due to the corruption in various department the bill is supposed to provide relief to the business as well. The needles glitches faced during license approvals,  clearance of permits etc for under the table will go away. Thus projects could be approved faster in a profitable manner and bureaucratic interference will be mitigated.   

Nevertheless the approval from those taking a stance against what they refer to a weak Jan Lokpal is not coming. This would mean peaceful agitation by Anna and his team will continue. In absence of desired content the team will exert greater pressure on the ruling government and the opposition to create a more comprehensive bill urgently.   

Free Trial Services Online

Since the advent of Internet for public many utilities and services have gone online. A new paradigm has been created for businesses and service providers. The Internet has arrived with tremendous benefits for the users. The chief attributes are cost, speed and tremendous global reach.

All this was not possible on land based businesses and services since the reach was localized and infrastructure cost was heavy.  WWW in cyber space has created a common platform for professionals and laymen who benefits from social networking and information highway.

The inherent competition somehow surpasses that of land based services since anyone can provide
Resources online. The cost of hosting and web implementation is much less than infrastructure on the ground hence a larger entrants crowd the space.

To fight competition, create a reputation and establish once brand takes time hence free services are found best for introduction. Free offerings also enable to create trust among the vary users and flaunt once feature offerings.

One fine example of land based utility going online is the web based fax. This service has eliminated the use of facsimile machine and accessories and has hence brought the cost down. The speed and security is commendable and so is its reach. All you need is Internet connectivity and no dedicated landline.

The user can send fax using the portal of service provider which transacts using the fax server. The documents can be sent online from email to fax and vice versa. With the advance in technology many new and useful features are emerging usually with increase in cost of the services. Hence all competitors are vying to offer the best.     

Similarly online backup services have come as a boon to those terrified of data loss. The online cloud storage or remote storage portals provide secure and safe data storage on network of computers with fool proof backup.   As in the case of virtual faxing the backup service providers on the Net are constantly upgrading their features. This is due to constant advance inn technology, apps development and programming techniques.

Nevertheless in spite of providing the best getting subscribers or client online is not at all easy. For every new company offering free fax trial has become a getaway to snatch business from establish players. Users find free service as a convenient way of getting to know the best. They are able to assess a service provider and the features provided. This also applies to online backup services on the Internet offering remote data storage facility.     

Every new comer should first go for free trial offered by the service provider on the web. This way he can save on money, time and avoid disappointment.