Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tourism in Madhya Pradesh

The Central Indian State, Madhya Pradesh is all but known for its tourist destinations.  Khajuraho Temples top the list among a list of many popular destinations. The close next is Kanha National Park near Jabalpur followed by Bandhavgarh, Pench, Panna and Satpura in that order. 

The State is also known for its vast forest cover though considerable denudation has taken place. The remaining tracts accord incredible beauty thanks to the diverse landscapes they help in giving rise.  Tourism is primary source of revenue for the State and generates jobs in abundance.  

Revenue is generated from both local and foreign sources. With the improvement in infrastructure and connectivity major income source generation for the industry as well benefits to local communities is bound to take place. The participation is this industry has resulted in empowerment of many local communities especially women in Central India.     

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest State in India next to Rajasthan. Situated right in the center the Topic of Capricorn passes right through the Jabalpur Town. The geographical location and climate are instrumental in creating a diversity at which one can but marvel. The topography and altitude are further fashioned by the Vindhya and Satpura  ranges which are biodiversity hubs and densely forested.    

The tourism in the State had a belayed start some destination being popular with the British rulers and the royals. Most of the destination hitherto unknown became popular with increasing infrastructure created by MPTDC in the post colonial era.  The acronym stands for Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation a public concern that was instrumental in encouraging tourism. The propaganda arm made many destinations popular and continue to do so along with the private players. Joining the milieu a large number   of major brands have entered the scene. 

Among the Hill stations popular one's are Pachmarhi and Amarkantak both are biosphere reserves as well. The latter was more popular during the Raj and now with us. Amarkantak is the origin of the Holy Narmada along with Son river. The destination is at the confluence (Maikal Hills) of Vindhya and Satpura Ranges and is primary a pilgrimage center for Hindus.    

Khajuraho is popular of the eighty temples that thrive in its womb the outer walls of the Hindu temples contain erotic carvings that have proved to be the star attractions.  A large number of foriegn tourists arrive here to witness these 10th Century marvels created by the Culchuri Dynasty in Chatterpur District.  Other places of interest ascending the limelight are Orchha and Mandu. 

The tiger reserves are other sources of revenue generation beside being the leading conservation units in the country. National Parks such as Satpura, Bandhavgarh, popular Kanha near Jabalpur, Pench and Panna are highly popular being known globally. 

Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar Falls are prime attraction in Jabalpur Towns, besides, Gwalior, Bhopal and Indore have much to offer in terms of ancient and contemporary monuments. Madhya Pradesh is undiscovered, more has to be experienced. .   

An APPLE A Day - EU & Ireland (Tax)

 A huge tax recovery to the tune of 13 billion Euros is what the EU official say that  Ireland must recover. Not taken warmly the US cries "Wolf". Unfair it says the retroactive tax against the global giant APPLE Inc.

The fallout is just not tax alone it is also looked at the way EU treats American businesses. The anomaly is as a result of illegal aid granted to Apple for a period of twenty years. This helped the company  lower its tax assessment and hence save.

According to EU members cannot accord benefits to selected companies. US says that this will undermine the business environment as far as Europe is concerned. The massive retroactive tax could result in growth potential of the company as well as reduce employment.  

The drastically lower tax rate applicable to Apple subsidiaries in Ireland was to increase jobs on that country. About 1 percent tax is far lower than US 35% and Ireland 12.5%. This is unfair cry the lawmakers in Europe and US as well.

Logically Apple is going to appeal the decision as have Starbucks and Fiat Chrysler. There are many US companies under the tax authorities scanner hence more is yet to come.

This ruling may be technically right but then the retroactive enforcement would be a big discouragement for investment due to uncertainty whence the country taxation arrangements could be undermined by the European Commission.  

Shivraj Chouhan Highlighting Madhya Pradesh for Business in US Visit

On a five day visit to USA, Shivraj Chouhan the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh highlighted the State for business opportunities. The Minister met with eminent business personalities in order to promote economic opportunities prevailing in the State also known as MP. 

The State although has vast tracts of forest cover is offering growth opportunities in urban surroundings. Indore with accessibility to major industrial towns like Mumbai and New Delhi is flourishing as far as trade and manufacturing is concerned. My major agglomerations like Bhopal (Capital), Jabalpur and Gwalior lag behind.

On major platforms he highlighted MP as investor friendly State bereft of  terrorism, labor problems and red tape. Stable power, friendly policies and strong agriculture all that are conducive to business exist here. The State is rich in mineral wealth and labor resources.  Though skilled man power is limited whence compared to major economic hubs in India, nevertheless it is not a problem with rising number of technical and management institutes.

Shivraj Singh stressed upon certain sectors like IT, manufacturing, tourism, food processing and pharma which is prepared for growth. In spite of all the positive aspects at many places the State lacks proper road infrastructure and resources that are exigent for manufacture. Nevertheless excellent connectivity vis a vis railways, transportation and flights have now come into picture.    

He invited American Businessmen to Global Investors Summit being organised on 22 and 23 of October 2016 at Indore the commercial hub of this heartland region.

It should be noted that major public sector manufacturing units concerned with defense, power, electronics, agrofood processing and engineering are based since many years. Hence Madhya Pradesh is no stranger to  commercialization only the full potential has to be explored.