Thursday, July 21, 2011

Economic revival of India

India has gone a long way since independence in economy and business. Not only this the country has advanced on all spheres. It is today assumed to be an economic giant a future leader perhaps. 

Just after the independence the country followed socialist, protectionist policies that encouraged public sector but not the private sector. Heavy taxation was a bane of all progress and it encouraged tax evasion hence black money. 

In recent time there has been as lot of reforms which has brought about a dynamic U turn in the economy. With corrective policies and reforms the industrial sector achieved phenomenal growth. Subsequently exports gained a big boost. The low cost manufacturing and affordable service sector made the country attractive for foreign direct investors. The manufacturing sector has gained a lot and is in position to challenge China.   

The country has vast man power which id skilled and semi skilled and understands or speak English. The resultant benefits are obvious and the Nation is engaged in enhancing this factor. Education in India is a priority and will change the country's profile and image abroad. The Indian management cadre, white and blue collar workers and cheap labor contribute to the economy most prolifically. 

The burgeoning technological, research and management institutes are the country's futuristic strength. Indian professional will pay an active role in global economy in time to come.     

Importance of Pan Card in India

It becomes perquisite for big economies to devise systems of control and facilitation. The pan card or permanent account number is one such system that the Government of India finds useful. It is a unique number allotted to the applicant an Indian Citizen or NRI. 

This unique number is based on alpha numerical characters which have a set pattern. The number is allotted to an individual group or a company. Though not mandatory it is required for filing returns and executing major transactions. In banks this card is required for large transactions and facilitates account opening. 

It is one of the best proof of identity and hence very useful. The 10 digit pan number is required on many instances and carries numerous benefits. In the initial stage  it was looked down as insecure or bothersome but now most of the citizens of India have applied for it or have it. 
This useful instrument as been issued by the IT Dept of India under CBDT.  The card is issued  in laminated form with a photograph of the applicant. Besides identity proof it also acts as address proof where ever required. 

The application for this number can be made online at UTI or  NSDL website. The income tax website has a  lot of information to offer. The procedure is simple with some identity proof being a prerequisite. After the application is made on can regularly check pan card status online using a search tool. Having the permanent account number even for non assessee or small business is a good step.  
One needs to quote the permanent account number where ever required. On many instance a photocopy works but sometimes original laminated card may be asked for.   

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

US economy: Is it all over?

Well what I mean is that is the downslide over. US economy is the World's biggest economy in terms of fiscal capaicty as well as technology.  The country is reeling under stress thanks to wrong banking policies which resulted collapse of major banks.

The unemployment rate is very high and the employed are not confident if they will retain their jobs. Hence the expected consumer spending is not all bouyant. The biggest scare is of cuts in medicare and social security.
Whatever the plus side is it is not enough. More has to be done to bring back the Giant on its feet.

The White House has to point to an emerging strong economy for electoral purpose. Albeit people in US vote more on the basis of what will affect them and their family positively. They do not take unemployment rate or GDP into consideration while voting.