Saturday, September 30, 2017

Crowdfunding What It Is?

As you rightly guessed it is funding from individual for a cause or for something in return. This method is usually adopted by people seeking funds for a venture or donations for a cause.  The usual method of accessing the target audience is social media marketing. 

The first step to start a fundraiser is to make a page in sites like or and start promoting it. This method is also adopted by budding artists, small time filmmakers, designers and so on. The projects have been used to gather funds for expeditions, medical reliefs and social benefit projects. The scope of accumulating large number of funds from public is vast and many mediums have yet to be explored. The funds accumulated are from a large number of people hence the name.      

The concept can be promoted through fundraiser events and mail order subscriptions. But this alternative financing activity is a purely Internet based and depends largely on the social media for attention in order to achieve high gains. 

There are many types of crowdfunding:

Donation based funding are basically for charities.

Equity based funding pertains to alloting of equity for unsecured loans so obtain. The investors benefit whence the project is successful and equity values rises. 

Debt based or P2P (peer to peer) funding. In this case investor gain from interest accrued.  Here borrower application is reviewed by an automated system and the credit worthiness is gauged. The interest rate applicable is also ascertained by the system.   

Several platforms are in picture now. Some are global while few are limited niche segment. 

To learn in greater details click on the crowdfunding link.   


Digital Donations 

Digital Donations Video

The marketing and propaganda is mostly done using email and, sms marketing and various content and video platforms that social media offers. The target audience should be accurately targeted for success in the campaign.  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Technology & Business : Online

No matter which industry it is new technology is creating new openings and opportunities. Internet especially social media has brought about a paradigm change as to how we search for information and hence how we do business.

Those who fail to catch up are sure to fail or will left far behind with stagnancy in business. Not only communication methodology is changing fast, image recognition techniques are making estimates more accurate.  For example in moving industry image recognition technology is assist in measuring the items client needs to move ...and accurately.  Scheduling video surveys can be arranged using the button on movers website.   This is followed by sending a quote and the move is finalised. 

Yes it is that easy whether you use a smart phone lap top or desk top with broadband Internet. 

Promoting business online is now a necessity the old brick and mortar is still there but this addition has become imperative for good. Promoting your business on social media is trending but it is effective as well and aids in cost cutting.   

Graphics, three dimension options and text pages that are not verbose are breaking ground of success online. Though your business may be localised you still need online visibility since people prefer searching and evaluating  online then wade through a sea of impenetrable traffic.      

Tons of information at finger tip and loads of comparison opportunities is definitely making business more competitive but then you cannot wish new technology away. Can you?  

Moving Business: Correlations

Industries and businesses depend upon correlated factors. These are closely tied to the economic upheavals and trends that govern our industry these days. It is no more a simple game of supply and demand. Trends can uplift a segment even if economy is failing.     

For a business analyst it has become a complex paradigm since so many factors decide the outcome in contemporary era. For those in a moving industry it could be increase in population, strong economic revival due to governments policies, change in policies of corporate and a strong upsurge in construction business. Even reduced cost of fuel could play a part as cost of transportation decreases. 

New opportunities can also increase relocation apart from standard policy of transfer employed by military, corporate and  Government.  Housing also impacts relocation the upsurge in low cost housing projects are indicative of brighter future of moving industry.  In simple words increase in new homes create business for those in relocation.   

Rising populations and economic revival invite growth in metropolitan cities hence more housing leads to increase in relocation business. I n USA the forecast is bright because these very factors are in a favourable position.      

Industrial developments lead to increase in population share to that particular locations. Hence more people are likely to shift to that region creating business for the movers.   Major migration corridors impacted by local and International populations are hot bed for this industry and promise better survival environment. All types of moving be it residential, commercial or warehousing are dependant upon these factors.     

Home loans too make a major difference there is definite upswing whence the accessibility becomes easier with low rates of interest.  House flipping in USA is considered as revenue generating asset in real estate parlance. Purchasing and quickly selling home generate revenue as pricing increase. 

Technology plays its own part and changes the way we do business. New startups are making transportation cheaper and easier using innovation thus encourage shifting more and more.     

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Comprehensive Innovation : Metal Fabrication Industry

Like all segment  of  manufacturing, fabrication business cannot survive stagnancy. There has to be a constant effort to improve and innovate. This is vital for survival since all technology driven businesses lose foothold and their vital customer base if they are not keeping abreast with the latest. 

The metal fabrication industry has faced innumerable challenges since last two decades to keep pace with the constant changes taking place. The innovation drive is comprehensive ranging from latest tools and equipment to management practices, IT system up-gradation and shrewd marketing strategies. 

As businesses move overseas to cut costs the customer base in North America and other developed World faces extreme reduction. Lets face the truth, access to overseas marketing is not an act of compassion or piety it is the need of the hour.    

Hence constant innovations and new developments are the key to survival. Things do not end here cost cutting by managing expenses considered affordable in good old days since these are no more sustainable. In short maximising efficiency without sacrificing quality is essential.  

To constantly evolve core business strategies, analysis and research though imperative need assistance of out of the box thinking. Both online or digital marketing and extensive land based strategies have to be employed.

Far from days of complacency, outsourcing has made industrial reach global mush to our chagrin. A disappointing development  but this is going to stay, there is no short cuts except face strict competition.  Possibility of trade barriers to provide relief is a distant dream because businesses moving overseas - to repeat is a strategy that benefits the parent companies. To face cutthroat competition the enterprise needs to be the fittest. 

Nevertheless competition is overcome by some resident factors like distance, availability of high grade manpower with requisite expertise and work ethics. Local fabricators will always retain these benefits.  Nevertheless extreme disparity in manufacturing cost could be a great lever. Back to square one.       

Creating a sustainable paradigm to for long term success is the imperative using constantly evolving technology and requisite skill base effectively. New skills in work force and access to and utilisation of  contemporary methodology will keep the pot boiling. 

Regular up-gradation of fabrication shops along with procurement of new equipment and tools is the key to stay afloat. In metal fabrication operational technology means efficient core machinery. Albeit expensive this is a long term value addition for a winning strategy.     

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Steel Fabrication Equipment & Tools

The World has witnessed a complete revolution with the development of steel its emancipation from the mined ore and eventual refinement. The alloying technique has given birth to complex metals with varied properties. This has lead to development of complex components required to withstand extreme temperatures, stress and acquire properties that are required for a particular function in a specific environment.    

Steel is a derivative of iron which is found as ore in nature. The metal is used in fabrication but its parent iron is also used as such. Hence most of the fabricators are using all forms of metal including iron. 

In a fabrication floor a number of equipment and tools are set up depending upon the designs to be executed to form an end product belonging to a particular segment.  For example fabrication building components, complex machines, infrastructure projects all are specific to manufacturing industry. Hence fabrication is limited by scope to the area of the owners expertise and capabilities. 

The equipment or tools range from small and simple to big and complex. The list is large as mentioned below. 

  • Lathes
  • Band Saws
  • Manual Rod Benders
  • Welders Kit 
  • Welding Machines
  • Cutting Machines    
  • Body Hammers   
  • Jet Milling & Drilling Machine
  • Shop Presses
  • Bench Presses
  • Pipe Notching Dyes
  • Pipe Notcher
  • Strut Cutters 
  • Combination Benders
  • English Wheels 
  • Hammers
  • Metal Shears
  • Sheet Metal Brakes
  • Iron Workers
  • Bending Brakes
  • Punch Press  
  • Frame Press
  • Metal Forming Hand Tools
  • Tool Stands  

Above are listed some of the tools and equipment which are part of the trade. The fabrication industry has given rise large scale simple and complex ancillary, tools and equipment manufacturing industry in USA. With the rise in economy which leads to increase if steel fabrication and iron works the related manufacturing also offers great potential to industry leaders.     

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

RCom in Trouble - Aircel Merger

Reliance Communication Company owned by Anil Ambani is facing a crisis. Already indebted to the tune of 45000 plus crore rupees there seems no hope for a turnaround. 

The company's core business revenue is dropping drastically on all fronts - voice and data. The steady decline is attributed to  customers switching to other service providers and stiff competition for RIL Jio. The company has reported losses subsequently from last few quarters due to reduction in usage affecting revenue per customer. The company has failed to retain or increment its mobile broadband customers.    

The shares of ADAG companies have shown a constant downfall. RCom has to service its debt in order to retain its position in the market somewhat. RCom Aircel merger which has been approved by concerned bodies will assist in business recovery hopefully. This will come in form of demerger with Aircel & Dishnet Wireless Limited. This transaction will substantially reduce RCom's depth as well as Aircel's depth.         

The merger will result in making it one of India's largest private sector companies. After the merger RCom will hold 50% share in Aircel Ltd. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Thermal Paper Rolls & Ribbons

In earlier times written communications were limited to pen and paper. Then later the typewriter was invented which changed the way we communicated. With the introduction of fax machine and then the printers this made communication far more dynamic.  In the offices and restaurants the use of printers has been extensive in recent times.  

Office products constitute office stationery, custom business forms, and gadgets both  electronic and manual. All modern hi tech offices have been computerized and hence material required for offices has changed as well. 

Printers are extensively used in offices, earlier it was the dot matrix printer then later ink jet and laser printers were introduced. 

Color Thermal Printers 

Colored thermal printer imparts impression on paper using wax based ink. The ribbon travels along the paper right under the printing head and in the process leaves color impression due to heat and chemical change. The paper used in such printers is called thermal paper or thermal paper rolls. The paper is special in the sense that it is coated with chemicals that change color and impart impression when heated.


Cartridges used in these printers are main accessories of printing systems without these components printing would not be possible. Due to their limited life they are constantly in demand in offices. 

The cartridges and spools all contain ribbon laced with ink. The ink leaves a desired impression on paper used for printing. In case of thermal printers the ink changes color as desired before imparting and impression on the thermal paper or rolls.  Added advantage of cartridges and printer ribbons is that they can be refilled. 

Thermal Printer Ribbons 

Thermal ribbons come in three different types: 

Wax Used for printing on paper label and business forms customized as per need. 

Wax + Resin Used on smooth coated paper labels they produce fine results and the image is more durable. 

Pure Resin Pure resin ribbons are used to print on plastic labels, polypropylene, polyester and vinyl. The color is black but red and blue colors are also available. The quality depends much on plastic material used. The ink adheres to the surface of the plastic label and durability depends upon the type of plastic used. Pure resin printing is most durable water resistant and can stand strong sunlight. 

These are used in printers, adding machines, cash registers, credit card terminals in hotels, restaurants, offices, retails stores. The rolls are sold in various size according to the applications.   

Due to decrease in cost the application of thermal paper rolls has become widespread in various businesses. Hence they are manufactured is large volumes all over the World.