Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tea Production in India

Tea production in the country is booming with the gross at 1.2 billion kilos. A  large portion of tea is produced by small farmers. The exports have fallen marginally but the local demand is unquenchable.   

In spite of growth of tea production in India the country continues to import tea from many countries. South India, Assam Valley, Darjeeling District,  Terai Region and Dooars are the primary production centers in India. 

The rise in output has taken place in spit of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and rest of South India loosing out in production.  

In order to stabilize production a serious effort has been made to make Indian  tea conform to food safety. A  sustainability code has been established in this regard by the Tea Board of India and stakeholders have been invited to make the program a big success. Quality is the key concern and improvement will lead to better value and higher production as well.