Thursday, July 22, 2010

Office stationery - Ink Cartridges

Office stationery comprises of products and accessories that businesses use in their office work. The stationery's in office are used for business communication, maintaining accounts and printing application forms etc. 

One of the most important element in modern office is a printer. The printing machines have changed drastically and are much different from earlier dot matrix printers. The printer's ink is for creating desired impression on paper. The ink is not stored inside the printer but is stored in accessories of many types. These storage devices are called ink cartridges, ribbons and rolls. Most popular printer in the office is the inkjet printer which uses a cartridge to source the chemical while printing.   

The inked cartridges are comprised of section or containers for storing. Some cartridges are electronically linked with the printer through a chip. In case of thermal printers the cartridges are different; they use heating elements which vaporizes the ink and forces it out of the nozzle.

Piezo Electric cartridges have piezoelectric crystals instead of inks and upon heating they produce a finer droplets. They are mostly used in Epsom printer. Normally the cartridge contains four compartments one for black ink and other for three primary colors.   

Due to extensive use of  inkjet and thermal printers in office stationery accessories the demand is huge. The cost of branded replacement cartridges is high. Many business offices use products made by many vendors in USA. There is always a search for affordable ink cartridge suppliers  and stores online. Due to stiff competition in inked cartridges, companies offer discounts and best deals which can be searched online for a best buy.   

The office stationery products usually cost less when purchased in bulk from suppliers. Since not every business can do that. Most of the small business owners buy using best deals available online.  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Material handling equipment

The mammoth machines keep the industries on the run. The role played in the movement and disposal of heavy machines and raw materials makes this industry important.

Material Handling equipment is generally categorized into storage and handling, engineering systems, industrial trucks, and equipment for bulk material handling. The equipments play key role in control and facilitating the manufacturing process. The engineered systems are cranes, conveyor belts and robots. 

Bulk material handling equipments pay a versatile role in many heavy industries relating to cement, ore mining, oil industry and cereals. The bulk material handling equipments are able to store and move materials with ease. The machines are often used in farms, docks, oil refineries and ore mining industry. The equipments used in farms for cereal and grain handling should be hygienic and facilitate cleaning as per edible product standards. The equipments are maintained in sanitary conditions in order to avoid contamination.            

Pharmaceautical contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacture is utilizing third party manufacturing facilities to make products. This is more popular strategic practice among pharmaceutical giants. Drug manufacturing facilities are utilized mostly in third World countries like India  to manufacturer company owned drugs. 

In pharmaceutical industry as well as in other industries this a business strategy. The multinationals gain from the low cost of manufacture due to cheap man power. Sometimes hazardous chemicals and drugs are also manufactured in this manner. 

The organizations that broker deals for contract manufacturing are also instrumental in feasibility study. The development concern offers large number of related services besides manufacture. In case of pharma industry clinical trials at all stages, method development pre-formulation and formulation and commercial production is included in the contract. Most of the contract manufacturers in India are able to gain from this business strategy. For some it works in a way by utilization of their spare capacities.           

Indian companies have become main pharmaceutical outsourcing for API and key intermediates  for US and European concerns. The country has a strong manufacturing base and technical competency besides cheap manpower. These are the right ingredients that parent companies in developed countries seek.     

Global pharmaceutical giants gain most from cost cutting and by not investing in infrastructure. Buy outsourcing pharma projects companies can remain lean and thin. They are able to focus on core activities and mega projects.