Friday, November 4, 2011

10 Richest Bussiness Man

Fortunes waiver and hence the list of richest business men also does. There have been many billionaires in the World who have amassed huge wealth in their times. 

As of today the Forbes List stands as below:

Carlos Slim - Mexico - Wealth 74 Billion Dollars

Bill Gates - USA - Microsoft - Wealth 54 Billion Dollars

Warren Buffet - USA- Microsoft - Wealth 50 Billion Dollars

Bernard Arnault - France - LVMH - Wealth 41 Billion Dollars

Larry Ellison - USA - Oracle - Wealth 39.5 Billion Dollars  

Laxmi Mittal - India - Steel - Wealth 31.1 Billion Dollars

Amacio Ortega - Spain - Inditex - Wealth 31 Billion Dollars 

Eika  Batista - Brazil - Mining - Wealth 30 Billion Dollars 

Mukesh Ambani - India - RIL - Wealth 27 Billion Dollars

Christy Walton - USA - Wal Mart - Wealth 26.5 Billion Dollars 

Why the cards?

Be it national governance, departmental practice, personal finance, or even a supermarket the cards shone.  It is the card age right away especially in India. In case of subversive activities happening new and then photo identity proof help ward of the evil.

It all started with the diving license whence it turned into a portable card. Earlier it was a cumbersome practice of carrying the A4 size form that was often bound to a hard cover which could be folded for comfort. Like other instruments that came in later the driving license was introduced to certify you driving ability and to prevent road misuse.  Your name and particulars where in record and so was your identity.

The laminated card made all the difference perhaps it encouraged people to get one and be safe.But this card had no use in business or personal finance matters.  

Among these smart cards debit and credit cards issued by financial institutions such as bank became most popular. These transformed the way we manage our personal finance and even small business.  These instruments have accorded tremendous flexibility and movement. You need not carry loads of money any more in your pocket or bag and eventually get mugged.   A swish at the ATM and you get the moolah you require.   

The Ration card is also popular among those below the poverty line but it also acted like a fantastic address and photo identity proof which worked on many difficult instances. Along with your mark sheet which acted as proof of birth the ration card acted as photo and address identity for availing passport, electric connection etc.

The voter identity card also facilitated fair play in case of elections big or small. This also played a valuable role in its use as photo identity and address proof. But than those eligible for voting could avail this card. Hence still did not have an all purpose card that could be applied for by one and all.   

Project Aadhar by UIDAI recently launched as UID Card benefits those recipients beneficiary of Government based schemes and privileges. The card uses biometrics as means of identification and hence is fool proof. This instrument is an all purpose card very useful for photo identification.             

The permanent account number (PAN) in India was one of the major steps taken to create greater accountability regards taxation and financial transaction. Initially there was a great hesitation regarding this popular instrument in the country. Introduced by the ever vigilant Department of Taxation the usage brought into the net many tax payers who did not. There came a greater curb in illegal transactions and wrong banking practices. The mandatory subscription for opening bank account of purchasing properties etc brought in more people. In India, even the NRI require the pan card number for conducting financial transactions and property purchase. There are no disadvantages of this laminated card as people believe. 

Unlike credit and debit cards PAN and UID cards can be applied for online. The application forms can be downloaded with ease and submitted. Some formalities could be manual but nevertheless less bothersome.