Saturday, February 6, 2016

Out of the Brink - Construction Industry

The decade was abuzz with the slow down in major economies of  Europe and America the leading power house of modern civilizations. From the world of monopoly and dominant economic centers the World has become multi-polar with many centers of economy.     

The paradigm shift has affected many traditional industries especially augured by a devastating slow down. The recent down slide in oil prices has added to the woes. 

The rapidly emerging economies in Asia, East Europe, Middle East and Latin America offers hope to many in the construction industry with constant needs of urbanization.  In USA salvage packages diversified funding and new opportunities spur growth to new heights changing the dismal picture few years ago. However companies better able to adapt to the changing landscape globally will reap major benefits.     

Though work force concerns will remain new technology trends and increase in spending will fuel growth in 2016. Most of the work force that had migrated back to their countries have not returned. Further tech savvy younger generation neglected during the slowdown so no inclination towards joining the sector.  This continuing trend has resulted in curtailing the project handling capacities of many builders in US. .        

Prefab or modular construction has proven to be more cost effective, green with less time consumption. This is attracting companies to move towards this emerging technology.  

But as per prediction single family housing construction will pick up this year to the tune of twenty five percent.But the multifamily sector will remain as the stabilizing factor.   

Construction activities include commercial construction, engineering projects and urban developments. But the housing sector takes the cake hence the focus of this article.  

Another sphere of activity is the house remodeling sector which is an indicator of increase in spending ability. This is often compounded with repair and renovation work which is so much a part of industry. Thus the professional contractors have added work requirements whence spending is good.   

Friday, February 5, 2016

Oil Prices & Global Impact

For some countries the drastic reduction in crude price has a devastating effect. Most of these countries are into production and refining. The reduction in prices has been due to over production and low demand. This status is going to be further fueled by lifting embargo on Iran and its entry into the oil market.        

In spite of global reduction in the prices the cat and mouse game goes on with the recent upsurge.  In US the swing has been highly volatile with as much as eleven percent rise. Will the price stabilize is at best a conjecture albeit production cut is being talked about among the OPEC and other producers.  The recent slump has been the cause of loss for many oil majors like Shell and BP. 

For UK the slump has been good for the economy resulting rise of wages. According to BBC the heaviest losers are:
Russia with over seventy percent of export income arising from energy.
Venezuela is one of the largest exporter of crude and hence has been hot hard by the slump.
Saudi Arabia can bear the slump for a longer time thanks to its fund reserves.       

For more information read: Impact of falling crude

Moving Services About & Trends

Moving is certainly for fun and rarely a decision. Families move because of corporate transfers, house sale or change in the rental occupancy. The move can be local or long distance.  Major companies in USA involved in this industry are Moving Masters NY, UniGroup, Graebel and SIRVA to name a few.  Forty plus share of business is held among fifty companies.    

Trucking and warehousing plays a major role in this enterprise. However the professionals should also be expert in packing especially in sensitive product category.  Transportation is done by trucks and delivery vans as well.  Most of the goods transported are family furniture office equipment and furniture as well industrial equipment and furniture. The former is known as residential moving while latter is commercial moving. The companies are often referred as packers and movers.      

Storage is provided for long term as well as short term basis. Home relocation which accounts for more than fifty percent of turnover generally requires short term storage. Most of the storage is done at company owned warehouses which is more trustworthy. In case of public facilities mix up can take place and their could loss due to this. Logistics and efficiency is a must for a good relocation enterprise this can be done with own trucking in place. Warehousing services are specialized service since the category of products being transported may differ.  

Trucking is a special operation but many relocation have their own in place. The vehicles are in good condition manned by a dedicated staff well versed with transportation of household goods and furniture. Large trucks and mid sized delivery vans are good enough for the job. The vans are most suited for local transportation.

The industry faced its worst during the economic slowdown in US whence the operations of many companies came to a halt. This was mainly impacted by new house purchases which came down drastically. However the status is improving thanks to settling economy. By the year 2020 a good performance is projected. For all the moving services some regulatory laws apply besides safe guarding the environment concerns in USA and else where.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Stationary Products in News

Brand awareness is paramount for stationary products used in offices and many businesses. As models and technology changes so does the usage and with it the buying pattern.  One way this can be done is to pursue news based on the products and company information. This is available on many portals that maintain current development as their prime focus.

With the changes in technology core products manufactured by not only leaders but by new startups as well.  These sites offer not only the news but even the features of the items for the buyers knowledge. Keeping abreast of new developments is not only a necessity it is a smart strategy as well.

The developments are not related only to existing items but to new entrants as well. Shaping your office or business needs requires rapt attention in this regard. The products used are mostly for communication via written or printed text. Some products like paper mats and colored crayons find different us other than communication. Hence entertainment, storage, presentation is also provided by many items sold by the stationers  all over the World.     

In time to come the industry has become multipurpose as well as important strategic move. Day to day items for usage other than communication are also part of the stationers inventory. Items like counterfeit detection pens, binders, time clocks,  calculators, adding machines, cash registers, Micros ID cards and of course the printers.

All these products are part of the inventory and are displayed on their websites for sale. Hence the overall development in this category has increased phenomenally from some basic pen and paper related materials in earlier times.    

Nevertheless in spite of all the innovations paper rolls, ink cartridges and inked pads are still the mainstay of many stationary product dealers and manufacturers. Most of the products are used in printers that now come in various shapes and size. Paper rolls are manufactured according to various specification besides some that are thermal coated. This are used in adding machines, calculators, ATMs and what not. Ink cartridges are the mainstay of printers and are most searched online. Some of the stationery products are subject to various schemes and discounts and to keep abreast a comparison site is a must visit.

Regularly visiting the websites devoted to trends in this industry as well as participating in the annual show is productive. Some of these activities results in fabulous finds besides inspiration by innovative design and developments.  Hence sellers, dealers, manufacturers and most important the purchasers should come out of their shells and become enlightened. The tight fist competitive industry demands involvement and participation. The harder you strive the better is the outcome.