Sunday, May 31, 2015

Used Cars: Online Deal

Like all online shopping wonders used cars are also to be auctioned or sold on the e-commerce portal. Beepi Cars based on the Internet is a US start up in the process of acquiring venture capital to the tune of 300 million dollars.

The idea may seem bit strange since a test drive is necessary before purchasing second hand cars. Nevertheless company justifies sales quoting product like shoes which are sold without any trial. To safe guard consumer interest and deliver accordingly there will some norms in place. Transparency is going to be crucial factor in case of the used car dealer online. The online venture will remove the big hassle of finding vehicles in the first place. The other aspect is that the inventory would be limited to vehicles that have not met with an accident or undergone major repairs and are driven not more than sixty thousand miles. .   

Though there is a steady growth in demand for used cars the takeoff is from recessionary level. But as the economy picks up the market is expected to rise substantially. The demand is perceived more in car friendly areas with substantial population density. However the chain weakens in remote rural areas. How online endeavor is going to circumvent hurdles in land based used car network is something that has to be seen.   

At present Beepi is conducting business in three North American States but it plans to bring more regions under its purview.  The company plans to take advantage of rising faith in second hand cars thanks to longer life and better quality. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Junk Removal Business - A Paradigm Shift

Long way is what that can be said about junk removal business. From a single vehicle technology it has furthered it to a more complex and efficient system. By junk we mean household items consumer durables and non durables. We draw separate line between junk, waste and or garbage.   

The removals are subject to green practice where in recycling,disposal and donation is included into the cycle.  

In USA both the independent business and franchisee model is popular. The induction of new technology and transportation systems has attracted a large number of young entrepreneurs.  Special licensing and procedures apply for hazardous materials. 

The ever growing industry is highly competitive as well. The big ones are one stop shops which have heavy equipments with greater capacity and expert man power. The need for junk removal is obvious as American population grows with acquisition of  house hold and office products that would eventually be discarded in time to come. 

Many larger companies are providing allied services as garbage and snow removal. The specialized ones also offer service for violation removal in USA These company provide active service as well as offer equipment rental for do it yourself small jobs.   

There are many exceptions as well. There are those who offer opportunity for service personnel in America. These are the bright ones that stand out. J Dog Junk Removal company offers franchisee only to war veterans, active soldiers all those who serve or have served the country. In this way they are providing relief to returning war veterans who have no other means of survival. One crucial factor is funding for military personnel who are not cash rich. The company assists them in finding adequate funds. 

J Dog Junk Removal is offering military relief opportunity in a highly competitive atmosphere were operating margins are extremely thin. There is stiff competition from independent small business, charities and free cycle.     

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Construction in US & Structural Steel Industry

Major aspect of economical health in North America has been the construction industry. But in the recent slow down the economy has suffered such that there has been a rapid down slide in the industry. Nevertheless with ever growing population the residential construction has been gradual but still significant. The negative impact has been furthered by the credit squeeze.

About six million tons steel was made use of in USA. With the total production of more than seven million tons USA is a net exporter of structural steel. This augurs that the industry is alive and kicking. The worker strength of the industry is  more that one hundred  fifty thousand. There are  more than two thousand local fabrication concerns spread all across America. They are servicing more than eight thousand projects.     

As more and more buildings are being framed in structural steel the future is bright.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Structural Steel Fabrication What it is?

Third in line after the producers and service centers are the fabricators.   There are more than two thousand five hundred steel fabricators in USA. There job to fabricate hot rolled structural steel into desired parts and supply them to building projects.  

Most of the fabricators are family owned enterprises with a long line of staff. Both skilled and semi skilled employees are required. Depending upon the scale of business up to hundred employees may be in the place. The projects handled may be for small store to large building projects like colonies, high rise skyscrapers and malls.

The detailed drawings or plan are always executed by licensed engineers or technicians. The structural components are based on design by experienced architects. The approved drawings are then set to work by steel detailers who refine the design to get the end product. These detailers may work directly with the staff or on sub contract where cutting drilling and welding leads to perfectly designed and accurate product.

Many fabricators provide in house erector or installation services. These vendors are more preferred since services obtained are under one roof.  The article makes structural steel fabricators tasks seem very simple but the complexities are enormous. Also rigid safety standard have to be pursued in US.           

Structural Steel Fabrication Industry in USA

Fabrication is a process which accords shape and size to an element made of metal. This involves a number of process and technology. With regular advancements in technology there is a paradigm shift taking place as to how the industry surface.

Steel fabrication is a large industry in USA is most active in construction work. The raw steel produces many parts of building like windows, gates, staircase grills and what not. Hence no building is complete without the involvement of structural steel fabrication and its installation. The process is not limited to building parts it plays a major role in large projects like bridges, railways and industry in USA.

The process envisages the following steps.

Hot rolled steel smelted using an electric arc furnace. The use if ferrous scrap results in recycled content of more than eighty percent. The produces is in shape of hot rolled structural shape - beams, angles and plates.
Hollow structural sections are also manufactured the producers.   

The service centers act as warehouse and are instrumental in initial processing before actual fabrication takes place.    

The fabrication by major companies involves detailed drawings, cutting, shearing, welding and bolting. The complex process is guided by drawing by structural steel fabrication engineers.
Installation on spot fitting, welding, bolting on the construction site is the last stage of action.

The production of hot rolled structural steel exceeds way beyond eight million tons in USA and is constantly increasing.  At present there are three major manufacturers in United States that account for more than ninety percent of the produce.  A large percentage of the produces is utilized in building work.