Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A catering company goals

Like any business small or big, plans or goals are a necessity. This is the key to succeed in business. The objectives of a catering business may differ from other business but have marked similarity to service oriented business.
If you are to succeed in establishing your catering company then probe deep down and research in order to understand the business. You have to be clear as to what niche you wish to cater to or combine to or three disciplines to add to your business income.
You can be a food service specialist or a wedding caterer. In addition you can provide function rooms in best locations for events, wedding receptions and catering parties.

As a caterer you go offer rental services and supplies as well. Plus some other kind of outings can be provided in picturesque location of your premises. This is good location for fundraisers as well as corporate seminars or product launches. The composite income potential will really add to your profitability. In short you can add as much related services as you can, depending upon your infrastructure and investment capabilities.
Then you can define the size of you catering establishment depending upon the business potential. Hence for weddings you outfit can fix the number of people it caters to fifty guests, hundred guests or more. The status of your set up depends upon the characteristic of your audience. Are they super rich or in middle category?

Knowing your audience will help you guide from being up end super luxurious caterer to being in the middle. This will help make proper investment. For established caterers this will mean up grading their halls and facilities suitably in time.
As a starter or a successful caterer you need to invest in marketing and training constantly. The wait staff or the serving staff as well as the chefs will have to be trained on regular basis to keep with changing times. Marketing is the key to success in catering business. Success requires an awareness and advertisement campaign as well as related activities to bring in customers or clients.

With the right foot forward success is bound to come in catering business.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Catering menu for corporate and weddings

In any event the food served is an important constituent; hence lot of attention should be paid to this aspect. Select the way dinner or lunch will be served. The main food-styles are – sit down buffet, passed hors d'oeuvres and food station. Buffets will not be suitable for large attendee lists and are costlier than the sit down meals.

In more formal occasions like corporate catering for seminars or product launch, serving the first course adds to elegance. The rest of the food style remains as buffet or food station. Placing name cards on the tables is advisable for formal occasions and provide a seating chart. The drinks or beverage served should be apt for the occasion. Choose the finest wines if your budget allows.

In case of weddings, devise a menu for the children ask the caterer for special dishes they can prepare. Meals have to be served to the vendors like wedding photographers and musicians. Depending upon the volume you generate some caterers may offer the wedding hall venue for free or at less price. Thus it is best suited to hold all marriage events at one place.

For all events, parties and weddings, meet the chef personally to decide upon the menu. Select the dish after you have done the tasting and finalize the quantity that would be served. Popular dishes will require more quantity.

Some guest will require special menus like kosher catering for bar and bat mitzvah or vegetarian food, the caterer should be able serve such food.

Make sure about the requirement for cutlery glasses and stemware for cocktails etc. The number of wait staff should be adequate for large attendees usually one per twenty five. Very formal corporate event will require more.