Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Microsoft's LinkedIn Acquisition

Finding going tough in search market and its products challenged by Google Microsoft is diversifying into being a service provider of shorts. In spite of expansion of its core businesses quiet successfully the growth graph was much to be desired as per the company's liking.    

This has propelled the company into introducing new business models. Greater emphasis is being given to serving business customers hence the acquisition.    

LinkedIn justifies the purchasers shifting strategy with large base of corporate professionals and equally large base of seekers of job and contacts.The online service provider has an overlap with Microsoft's customer base making the purchase a sensible act.     

The giant is certain it will integrate with many offerings of LinkedIn and propel the company forward. After Steve Balmer's desperate effort to boost the revenue Satya  Nadella is seeking new openings.    

Oil Uptick The Ripple Strikes Back

The merciful slow down in oil was a big relief for Nations highly dependent on energy imports. The fossil fuel responsible for global warming is here to stay. No matter what progress is being made in alternative fuels oil remains the major source.    

Well it is a simple global demand and supply game as the Oil Market Report portrays.  The increase in production some time back was due to fracking boom in USA, Iraq recovery and production splurge by KSA. Weak economies dithered the upward rise as consumption receded.   

Inspite of Iran sanction being no more and the 700000 mpd addition the upward swing is noticeable. This is due to natural disasters, political uprisings and terrorist sabotage in Nigeria.  The low prices of crude had encouraged usage in many countries as well as by fast developing Nations like India.    

Low prices has also discouraged fracking in the oil fields of Texas in USA. Shale oil production exhibits a catch 22 situation as reduced production in case of low prices would experience an upward swing if prices bounce back sufficiently higher.    

From 33$ to present fifty dollars the crunch is being felt but not so much as it was during high prices over 100$ per barrel.  

Made in China

The impact China has made through product exports in recent times is phenomenal. World over Chinese made products rule the roost. Most of the popularity lies in countries like Pakistan, Australia, India, Canada, USA and Europe. For   many countries China is the main trading partner.  

Mass production is the key to this phenomena and the cost matters as well. Hence both factors impel these countries to import. It is a fair game and any country that fulfills these two factors can export in large quantities. But the buck does not stop here quality and precision matters as well.    

Hence rapidly gained markets are fast dwindling as users realize the imperfect products they land up with. Like in India we have experienced the low reliability of many imports from China. Many products have failed quality tests pushing consumers away. 

The Make in India initiative should propel manufacturing in India that is the objective. Will the country be able to achieve excellence in manufacturing and challenge the leader? Well time will tell.  

Promotional Products for Business

Business promotion is key to success all over the World. In order to increase sales or make an entry into a particular field entrepreneurs resort to create visuals that are appealing. This creates an image of the products in the mind of the customers and hence lure them to make a purchase. This is a form of advertisement which may include documentaries, hoardings and items that are brought into every day use. 

The items are cleverly designed keeping the cost in mind since they have to be used in bulk quantities. This is one of the key aspects of marketing where traditional and modern product line is used to imprint the logo or an ad message.          

Also known as promotional marketing there many companies that utilize this strategy to gain popularity and hence increase sales. The items are either utility or attractive showpieces which are made in large quantities. The distribution is important since the ad material should land in the hands of targeted audience.    

The key to a successful campaign is innovation whence building product line is concerned. The sales force should be effective in distribution to the right people or sections of the society. An experienced marketing tea, is required in order to make the campaign successful.  

The large line of products that are manufactured using various technologies offer a good potential for success. The innovations are more attractive especially whence technology is involved. But this does not mean that traditional art forms are less effective. The art forms are expensive but mass production using technology fetches the price down with the creation of duplicate.        

Most effective are the specialty promotions that fetch results. The imprints are widely used in order to attract consumers to the product. The expertise plays an important role in the whole campaign. Hence a unique marketing field is created.