Friday, May 12, 2017

Thermal Paper Rolls & Ribbons

In earlier times written communications were limited to pen and paper. Then later the typewriter was invented which changed the way we communicated. With the introduction of fax machine and then the printers this made communication far more dynamic.  In the offices and restaurants the use of printers has been extensive in recent times.  

Office products constitute office stationery, custom business forms, and gadgets both  electronic and manual. All modern hi tech offices have been computerized and hence material required for offices has changed as well. 

Printers are extensively used in offices, earlier it was the dot matrix printer then later ink jet and laser printers were introduced. 

Color Thermal Printers 

Colored thermal printer imparts impression on paper using wax based ink. The ribbon travels along the paper right under the printing head and in the process leaves color impression due to heat and chemical change. The paper used in such printers is called thermal paper or thermal paper rolls. The paper is special in the sense that it is coated with chemicals that change color and impart impression when heated.


Cartridges used in these printers are main accessories of printing systems without these components printing would not be possible. Due to their limited life they are constantly in demand in offices. 

The cartridges and spools all contain ribbon laced with ink. The ink leaves a desired impression on paper used for printing. In case of thermal printers the ink changes color as desired before imparting and impression on the thermal paper or rolls.  Added advantage of cartridges and printer ribbons is that they can be refilled. 

Thermal Printer Ribbons 

Thermal ribbons come in three different types: 

Wax Used for printing on paper label and business forms customized as per need. 

Wax + Resin Used on smooth coated paper labels they produce fine results and the image is more durable. 

Pure Resin Pure resin ribbons are used to print on plastic labels, polypropylene, polyester and vinyl. The color is black but red and blue colors are also available. The quality depends much on plastic material used. The ink adheres to the surface of the plastic label and durability depends upon the type of plastic used. Pure resin printing is most durable water resistant and can stand strong sunlight. 

These are used in printers, adding machines, cash registers, credit card terminals in hotels, restaurants, offices, retails stores. The rolls are sold in various size according to the applications.   

Due to decrease in cost the application of thermal paper rolls has become widespread in various businesses. Hence they are manufactured is large volumes all over the World.    

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