Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Office Stationery Business - Tough TImes Ahead

One of the consumed products the office stationery industry is constantly facing instability. This is so especially in case of manufacturers. The market is dependent much on local regions for those manufacturing non branded items. 

Even for brands the instability factor remains. Constant incursions from low cost imports and competition from generic play a major role in reducing profitability. Hence innovation and research are key factors that define success. The industry is dependant upon new products that skip over the existing competition to make a killing.     

Bulk manufacturing and supplies are strategic in maintaining profitability in face of stiff competition. Economic down fall or recession can also hit hard.  

Trends and technological changes do impact sales of traditional stationery products, especially those that are paper based. Electronic communication and Internet has reduced consumption of paper based products.  Increasing use of computers, laptops, PDA and mobile further impact the growth of this industry. 

Increase in business activities and educational institutes are the stabilizing factors that could end up mitigating losses or reduced profitability. This is applicable to Asian markets where schools and colleges are mushrooming. In developing economies mushrooming enterprises is aiding in sales of office stationery products.     Warding of local competition by implementing smart marketing strategies and increasing exports could yield spectacular results for  agile manufacturers.  

Lifestyle changes increase demands of products that constitutes stationery in contemporary times. But this is more beneficial in case of other sectors catering to personal, family and social demands.  

Hence the picture is not as bleak as it appears to be. Since the onus has shifted to new product development those with flair for research and innovation will continue to survive and flourish. 

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