Sunday, April 30, 2017

Structural Steel - Product Reuse & Recycling

Structural Steel is used in construction with added advantage over tradition construction methods. This form of construction is gaining ground day by day as fabrication industry advances. The new technology uses lightweight structural steel to fabricate building parts. These parts are made in units and not at construction. Eventually they are installed at the construction fitted at suitable junctures on the building being built.    

Product Re-use

This is one of the greatest advantage of lightweight steel. At the end of its life it can be reused as new product in buildings under construction.  In case of re use no processing is involved.  The steel structures are reused more in some sectors than the others.   

The discouraging factors are lack of standardization, difficulty in assessment of composition and quality after end life dismantling from its earlier incarnation.   

Design for reuse

Use bolted connections this allows easy dismantling 
Provide easy access to connections 
Keep the steel  free from coatings or coverings for proper visual assessment. 
Minimise the use of fixings to structural steel use clamped fittings.
Use long-span beams

The recycling and reuse enable reduction of adverse impact on the environment with added cost benefit. Steel being hundred percent recyclable and a high end recovery rate has to be kept that way.

Scrap recycling is also on the increase as an eco friendly practice.  During prefabrication raw material waste does occur but this can be easily collected and recycled.   

The two aspects combined are leading the World to a more sustainable development.  

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